Welcome New Faculty!

Posted September 25th, 2014 at 10:12 am.

This has been a year of transitions in terms of new hires and sabbaticals, and we should salute those new faculty joining us and expanding our courses.  They include Anoo Siddiqi (Ph.D NYU) who is here for the year replacing Jeff and Carola, teaching classes on Architecture, Visual Methods, and Mobility as well as joining in Senior Seminar and Form of the City in the Spring.  Liv Raddatz (ABD Temple) is teaching a class on Labor and Mobility. Liv is a student of Allison Hayes-Conroy (BMC ‘2001) who is now Assistant Professor at Temple.  Finally, a continuing friend in a new role: Jennifer Hurley (BMC ’92) is joining us again to coteach Urban Culture and Society with a fresh new perspective from planning in this gateway course.  Victoria Reyes, our new tenure-track hire, will be joining us with new classes and her new baby in January.

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